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what the fitter in 56 includes

A team building challenge that offers life-changing body, mind and nutritional transformation in just 8 weeks - with a Cash Prize!

your new life is weeks away!

Join these certified fitness trainers for the guidance and progress you deserve!

Tim McGrath and Joe Pollio have established themselves as fitness leaders at Thrive, a gym located in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

” What started with the two of us receiving daily questions on workout ideas for traveling members evolved into frequent conversations on how to improve dieting, and then into us having discussions with members on our positive and ambitious mindsets.

It was at this point we realized that people value opinions of those that lead by example, those that provide knowledge to empower, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, THOSE THAT CARE.

the fitter in 56 includes...


1-5k Run
1k row
crossfit total
12 min. metcon tbd


nutritional guidance
tracking & counting macros


1 book per month
mindset related book
health related book

We created this team challenge to help you Thrive physically, mentally and nutritionally... and just in time for Summer!

What's Included in the Challenge-

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