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Thrive-Athlete is the leader in the Fitness Industry. This company is a single source of all health and wellness aspects to build a thriving life. We provide personalized training programs, nutrition programs, and mindset coaching, both on-line and in-person to help all clients achieve their individual goals. 

While there are many companies that focus on one or two of these aspects, there is no one else that provides all three, and it is our firm belief that it takes all three to build the best version of a person. We are a company that believes in focusing on building all aspects of the client’s life by creating lasting positive habits. 

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Helping you thrive in life...

Our Mission as a company is to help Clients create the best version of themselves by building lasting habits in the three components of health and fitness which we identify as Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindset.

While each of the three prongs of nutrition, exercise, and mindset are important and powerful as standalone concepts, combining all three into a single program is what sets us apart from the competition.

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” What started with the two of us receiving daily questions on workout ideas for traveling members evolved into frequent conversations on how to improve dieting, and then into us having discussions with members on our positive and ambitious mindsets. It was at this point we realized that people value opinions of those that lead by example, those that provide knowledge to empower, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, THOSE THAT CARE.” This was the start of Thrive-Athlete.



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